Thursday, October 25, 2012

iPad Mini Launch to Climax Year 2012 for Apple ... and what's ahead

The iPad Mini has arrived and as expected it sports a 7-inch frame, and all the features one would expect from this new line of tablet device (expect, which is relative to what's been swirling around the rumour mill). It is also incredibly thin and lightweight that it is also legit it could steal the suffix Air from Macbook.

This medium small device (or its measure that's toss between the iPod Touch and iPad tablet sizes) and now as how Apple has dubbed its new gizmo: "every inch an iPad" because it's like "The whole package. In a smaller package." All the reactions about its beauty and form factors will remain to be just expectations until shipping starts and the new device lands in the hands of early adopters; also when word-of-mouth impressions start to spread.

Further to the long introduction, the iPad Mini launch, alongside many big reveals made recently by Apple including some refresh of its other existing products like the thinner iMac desktop and a Retina display-sporting Macbook Pro could just be the final biggest moment coming from Apple to fittingly end a year by a new Apple with Boss Tim Cook at the helm.

Precisely and in many regards, this can now be claimed to be a whole new Apple event. Also, a year when Apple unveiled so many new devices and product revamps. Could all these be symbolic of what's ahead the Cupertino-based company and among its fandom of where it stands in the heating arena around techville - from smart phones to music players down to tablets and laptops/desktops spaces?

Plus, another glaring omission is the seeming lack of the big, bold claims and words coming from a legendary folk hero like Steve Jobs to echo around a dark, closed theaters. "Magical" and "revolutionary" are nowhere to be heard nor expected come every Apple event. The tides have really changed and we can expect more big moves to unfold and surprise us. And unsurprisingly, it will.

Apple has also become a little bit of everything from the personality standpoint. Both bold and shy, it also has become innovator and follower. And all these and more could be what the iPad Mini launch are what it simply Apple is meaning to impress - to tell the present and future Apple.

While Apple can be perceived of as having or lacking the edge over its other rivals like Google and Samsung, the undeniable truth is that Apple is and remains to be a still-dominant player in the tablet computer sector. It also continues to enjoy a comfortable spot as the preferred product of choice among many consumers in almost all the major product space that it is a part of.

The company's nearest rivals are Android-based products who are making a dent and fast-leading as the preferred new toy because they are cheaper for giving more features and choices.

The gap on what can explain Apple's recent action recently can be divided into whether it is in a defensive or offensive mode or both at the same time. One that's among the most vocal around is Gizmodo, who has already started to air that Apple as a follower.

After all that's been said and done, it is still too early to tell if Apple is redefining its new service philosophy. Is it still quality over quantity? Or more to ride out the competition and play the game squarely? Or it is both? Sure we cannot tell right away.

For the meantime, I will just wait for November 2 and observe how the consumer market will respond and see how the new gizmos will fare come the yearend shopping spree of many consumers around the globe.

How about you?


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Start All Over Again

Writing a blog after a very long hiatus is hard. I've regretted the missed opportunities and times that I refused to listen to my heart's dictate to write at least a single post everyday. Writing is still something I will always miss doing.

Anyway, I have a little excuse. I was very busy for the last three months. I was also lazy to blog (which of course is contextual and a handy excuse because I've been juggling multiple projects for a living and for that something that you do to give back to the community).

Now, am at a crossroad where multiple signposts cry: Where to begin? What topic to write? What to talk about? Now walking, walking, walking down the path of no return (with God's help), I hope that I will be writing again for good.

As a bit of an announcement, I would like to start a new baby which was the result of my love for writing and my passion in covering technology. A pet project focused on technology, gears, gadgets, web, and everything in between but mainly its impact to Filipinos. Will give a heads up once everything is settled.

Excited enough?