Sunday, October 14, 2012

Start All Over Again

Writing a blog after a very long hiatus is hard. I've regretted the missed opportunities and times that I refused to listen to my heart's dictate to write at least a single post everyday. Writing is still something I will always miss doing.

Anyway, I have a little excuse. I was very busy for the last three months. I was also lazy to blog (which of course is contextual and a handy excuse because I've been juggling multiple projects for a living and for that something that you do to give back to the community).

Now, am at a crossroad where multiple signposts cry: Where to begin? What topic to write? What to talk about? Now walking, walking, walking down the path of no return (with God's help), I hope that I will be writing again for good.

As a bit of an announcement, I would like to start a new baby which was the result of my love for writing and my passion in covering technology. A pet project focused on technology, gears, gadgets, web, and everything in between but mainly its impact to Filipinos. Will give a heads up once everything is settled.

Excited enough?

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