Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Untitled 11072012

Writing, alone
Air harping deeply
Muted gaze reveals
War inside, war outside
All wanting to drop within
Pages of tensed heart
Stirring Oh's and Haha's.
Like blinding stop signs.

Of this. Oh this.
Far land. Near yet far.
Reaching to touch souls.
With stories I dreamed to tell.
Spaced-dived to nowhere.
Like a Martian rearing its head.
Strange dreams, sweet reveries.
When to start, when to end?

At a certain time
At a certain place
The desire is irresistible
Talk of the hidden man
Passion to create
Till this urge break
Like a once a upon a time
News waiting to break.

Mind's both awake and cold.
Lightning's speaking of gems.
Lightning's message is clear.
Rains falling, overflowing
Soundless fury of memories.
Water running to dry tears.
Softly landing in pages.

Still, time's belated break.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

On Writing

I want to become a writer.
I would like to know how.
Can you please be kind?

Still there?
Don't hesitate. Help me dear.
It's hard I know. But I will try.
Err, I will write.

Still listening?
Trust me. I am not joking.
With all my best and might
Let's start now.

Hard and easy it might come.
Oh, maybe, sometimes not.
Volumes of rejections?
Oh come on, I get that.

Make me see the way
Of what writing's about.
Don't break my heart.
Break or make. Still I will.

With help from God above.

6 Nov 2012
3:30 p.m.

Friday, November 2, 2012

For inspiring and transforming lives through the Gospel, Ang Dating Daan Turns 32

The Ang Dating Daan religious program hosted by Bro Eli Soriano is celebrating its broadcast anniversary this month of November. That is a very good news for a program, especially to audiences seeking an informative and intelligent show playing anywhere today be it on radio, television or the Internet. Thirty-two years is no mean feat after all.

According to its website, the show today can be heard at UNTV Radio La Verdad and watched its telecast at UNTV, a UHF channel in the Philippines. Its first public airing was through radio as a 30-minute program managed by three people, including Bro. Eli as the host, Kuya Daniel Razon of UNTV as program director and editor, and Sis Luz Cruz, as the researcher.

Unlike any religious program in the Philippines, Ang Dating Daan is the kind where people flock its studio during its early 90s broadcast to throw their questions live and get answers live from the televangelist who would soon become the most sensible of all the other evangelist with radio and television programming.

To watch the show is like watching a symposium ala-Knowledge Channel or National Geographic Channel docs fest only Bro. Eli as the Bible Scholar is the narrator who reads the script out of the verses and passages from the Bible. You got religion and at the same time science, health, technology and family affairs rolled into one show. The Bible will answer is how Ang Dating Daan is introduced where Bro. Eli is the mouthpiece and reader of the verses as answers to questions of people.

Meanwhile, what is a hero without the antis? As soon as the popularity of the program has become undeniable so are the rise of detractors and enemies who would later fight Bro Eli via a concerted effort through a series of malicious attack to the International Evangelist's person. To the thinking public, the accusations are purely malicious and libelous even suicidal. While many local courts are convinced that there's nothing wrong with Bro Eli to even prove the preacher's innocence and what he's doing on television, still the enemies are desperate to win in this war of public opinion.

Even though the program has been blocked from one station after another to the point of being stopped from airing on television, the program has gained more airing time abroad where Bro. Eli's program is now brought to its Spanish and Portuguese-speaking audience in South America, Europe, and Africa. Ang Dating Daan is also being heard in India.

Now 32 years, this officially makes the program one of the longest-airing radio-television religious program in the Philippines and probably Southeast Asia.

On Sunday, November 4, at around 6 p.m. (PHT time), the program is hosting a special Bible Exposition, see the video below.

My warmest congratulations to an always sensible program and televangelist, Bro. Eli Soriano.

To God be the glory!