Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Untitled 11072012

Writing, alone
Air harping deeply
Muted gaze reveals
War inside, war outside
All wanting to drop within
Pages of tensed heart
Stirring Oh's and Haha's.
Like blinding stop signs.

Of this. Oh this.
Far land. Near yet far.
Reaching to touch souls.
With stories I dreamed to tell.
Spaced-dived to nowhere.
Like a Martian rearing its head.
Strange dreams, sweet reveries.
When to start, when to end?

At a certain time
At a certain place
The desire is irresistible
Talk of the hidden man
Passion to create
Till this urge break
Like a once a upon a time
News waiting to break.

Mind's both awake and cold.
Lightning's speaking of gems.
Lightning's message is clear.
Rains falling, overflowing
Soundless fury of memories.
Water running to dry tears.
Softly landing in pages.

Still, time's belated break.

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