Wednesday, July 25, 2012

#Aurora, Colorado mass murder: more to come?

The news of the mass shooting-murder last July 20, 2012 that happened during a late-night Batman (a.k.a. "The Dark Night Rises") movie premiere in a theater in Aurora, Colorado may have resounded deeply into American consciousness up to this hour.

But as the Law of Proximity in Journalism may have put it, this fateful event may not dug deeply to create a national discussion among Filipinos the same way that the Americans are having right now in their soil.

With the Internet, the news reached us in the Philippines and may have saddened many of us who learned of the horrifying, senseless and premeditated tragedy that brought to 12 the numbers of people killed and dozens wounded.

Immediately after the news of the Colorado massacre have spread, commentaries about gun control, the Columbine mass shooting incident, imitation, and certainty of more shootings where brought up. 

Ang Dating Daan's Bro Eli Soriano have already discussed a similar beastly act after the April 17, 2007 mass murder committed by a South Korean student from the Virginia Tech which cost the lives of 32 and injured another 29 people before killing himself. Meanwhile, the suspect in the Aurora, Colorado killing named James Holmes is still alive and currently facing court hearings.

From Columbine incident to the Colorado shooting, it seems logical to ask why? What could be the motive driving these people to kill people? In the end it falls into a general question of why would some people resort to mass killing of their fellowmen?

James Holmes, the suspect in the Colorado mass shooting.

I also would like to find the answer so I have conducted my own research. During my search, something noticeable strike me: people asking for the whys may have dwindled.

Are we bored to death to seeing or hearing news of mass murder being committed one after another that our feelings of shock have been anesthetized? Or are we ignoring these realities because we want a break from the deluge of negative news circulating not only in the press but now being shared on our social networking timelines? Or that some are distancing already from the realities to live in a dream-like, illusory realities of their own making, just like Holmes' 'temporal illusion'? I may be thinking too much on this, but somehow I am sure some still care.

One thing is certain, this will not be the last and more of the same may resurface anywhere, even just around our neighborhood. What is our hope that we will soon see an end to this? For the Bible-believing among us, we would most certainly agree that a better world is coming soon - the only hope for humanity. Bro Eli has said it best in his blog, to which I quote an excerpt:
All evil will be ended; and evildoers will be paid what is due them, when the Lord of Glory comes in power in that blessed day. After the storm, there is a bright day ahead; and I believe, if you will believe in the Bible, we will all see that day.

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  1. Bible says it, "This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come."
    2 Tim. 3:1

    Thanks be to God for the guidance care amid these terrible times.