Friday, July 6, 2012

Countdown to earth's last gasp for life?

I really planned for this. To wait a few more days before writing about my take on the end-of-world prophecy of Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda.

Earth in our hands for the future / Credit: Royalty-free image from Corbis
Not that blogging about Miranda's failed prophecy is obligatory, but among the headliners that emerged in recent memory, his failed declaration of the end of the world should serve as a warning to many people, especially to those who are still a member of this group.

Miranda's doomsday prediction was not in my radar early June until I found a new blog article shared by Bro Eli Soriano's Facebook fan page. Dated June 3, which is 27 days shy of the June 30 countdown of Miranda, the article discussed why Miranda is an undeniable liar. Only then I realized the relative importance of why blogging about this obvious blunder mattered.

Many may not be fully aware of Miranda's presence in the Philippines because that preacher, who was born a Puerto Rican and had been in Mississippi in recent years, have concentrated to grow his international ministry in Brazil, Mexico and the United States.

This Puerto Rican preacher seems to love shuffling different titles. He is "Daddy" most of the time to his followers, but there came a time that he assumed the position of the "Anti-Christ." The most recent title he stole is Jesus Christ's. He's earned a rock star-like fame in the United States courtesy of CNN and Fox News, not because he is cool or revolutionary but because the source of his personal wealth is utterly questionable.

According to CNN, Miranda was former "petty-thief" and a heroin addict who had a vision of two angels coming down from up high. The mission of these angels were divine, to tell Miranda: you are the Jesus reincarnate! So the story goes. Miranda's followers even have 666 symbols tattooed on their bodies as well.

Fox News traces the origin of Miranda's flock. Twenty years ago, there were merely a few hundred members of the Growing in Grace under this sect leader. Today, Miranda boasts of radio and television presence with 287 radio programs and a 24-hour Spanish-language TV network that reportedly reaches two million homes.

Then last April 25, 2012, Miranda, leader of the Growing in Grace International ("Creciendo en Gracia"), predicted that divine justice will arrive on June 30, 2012 to fulfill a prophecy of the coming end. His ominous vision included strong earthquakes, Armageddon, and the destruction of the rest of the earthlings who will not believe Miranda. The privilege of the believers include getting the ability to cross walls!

Billboards bearing Miranda's countdown to transformation campaign were seen plastered in buildings and walls in the United States, Brazil, and other countries. You can just imagine how much the campaign may have cost to mount, with the burden of paying off the expenses shouldered by the ministry's hapless members.

Then June 30 arrived, July 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and now 6. The world is still breathing and the humans in it, with God's help. Just what Bro Eli said that such doomed prophecy is the mark of false prophets that the Bible says will emerge in the last days.

That is why we should really care because it is all worth our time to talk about these realities. With open mind and deep thinking, it pays to be vigilant more than ever before.

Remember that there is no immediate assurance that Miranda's doomed proclamation will be the last. Because another countdown immediately takes the place of this June 30 prophecy. This time, it is December 23, 2012! The end of the Mayan calendar spells the end of the world it is claimed.

Historically and similarly with other doomed end-of-world prophecies, there are victims and losers. Often, the aftermath is terrible. Just recall what had happened to the members of the Jehovah's Witnesses who sold their properties and gave the proceeds to their preachers when the Watchtower Society predicted that the world will end on 1914. Then in 1925 and finally in 1975. All of these predictions failed. The members suffered grave financial loss and many were reduced to rat-poor conditions.

For some members of these religions, especially the fanatics even of Miranda's, these people will stay and forgive their fallen preachers even after all that had happened. But to those who learned their lessons the hard way, they will surely leave, promise not to be fooled again, and search for the truth.

As a starter, it will not hurt marking out in the calendar the date when the next Bible Exposition of the phenomenal preacher who is the lone crusader against these false preachers will be held in July, 2012, God willing.


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  1. I hope also those members of that Miranda will have their lesson. As their leader announcing a wrong prophecy on the first time, second time, on the third time is not believable. To the members of that group, please, search for the TRUE CHURCH OF GOD. There is only one church of God who really care for your spiritual condition and will lead you to salvation. Thanks God for having Bro. Eli with us. Thanks god for the wisdom he and Bro. Daniel shared with us. Wishing good health for our preachers!!! To God be the glory!!!!!